Response to Bidders Inquiries (Application Development)

Response to inquiries made by potential bidders will be posted to this page and updated periodically. 


These are respones to inquiries on the following bids: GSA Catalog System Development, GSA Asset Management System Implementation, GSA Inventory Management System Implementation


Only relevant inquiries will be addressed.


Bidder Inquiry 1: A single system can have modules for Catalog Management, Inventory Management, and Asset Management.  Will the GSA entertain a proposal for an integrated solution containing modules for the three systems desired?

Response: Yes.  However, the conceptual design of the integration should be presented to the GSA during the preliminary screening phase and the high-level system design should reflect the data and process flows between the modules.  Standalone systems will satisfy this requirement as well.  


Bidder Inquiry 2: If the systems are independent, does GSA want integration between the three systems?

Response: As reflected in the response to Inquiry 1 above, Standalone systems will satisfy this requirement. Therefore, integration between the systems is not necessary.  However, the system must meet Industry Standards.


Bidder Inquiry 3: What is the number of assets and items to be inventoried and type of assets to be tracked using RFID technology?

Response: All of the Liberian Government assets located in the 15 counties in Liberia; including ministries, agencies, public corporations, and county governments – in excess of 200,000 items.  The types of items are: automobile, buildings, furniture & fixtures, computer equipments, mobile equipments, etc.


Bidder Inquiry 4: Are all records of existing assets in electronic format or will a data entry exercise (manual or automated) be expected during the proposed project timeline.

Response: Some of the asset records are in MS Excel files; others are in hardcopy format.   Data entry will be conducted by the respective GSA Program Management personnel.  The consulting firm will be responsible for training Program Management personnel to operate the systems.


Bidder Inquiry 5:  Is there key staff of the GSA available to participate in working sessions to formulate requirements for the desired system? If no, are there documented procedures for handling workflow issues related to Asset Management and Inventory Management. 

Response: Yes.  Key GSA Program Management Personnel will work with the Bidder that wins the project.  Asset Management and Inventory Management workflows and functionality is standard across industries.  The Consulting Firm should have experience with Asset Management and Inventory Management Standards.


Bidder Inquiry 6: Does the GSA have the network infrastructure installed or will one have to be designed as part of the process.  Is it possible to review the existing infrastructure or any additional equipment which will be required?

Response:  GSA is seeking CLOUD as the preferred model for the systems architectural and infrastructural support.  This will eliminate the need and significant cost for server maintenance and configuration support, business resumption support, data security support, etc., etc. The CLOUD can exist locally or internationally.  However, the appropriate levels of data and communications security must be provided.


Bidder Inquiry 7: Vehicles make up a great deal of Government assets.  Does GSA want to implement RFID on vehicles?

Response: RFID technology is the preferred technology for GSA Asset Management and Inventory Management Systems for obvious reasons.


Bidder Inquiry 8: Is GSA interested in tracking items which may be intentionally or unintentionally removed from the places assigned.

Response: Tracking items which may be intentionally or unintentionally be removed from the places assigned is a basic functionality of any Asset Management System.


Bidder Inquiry 9: On what basis will prospective Bidders be scored? What is the methodology to be used for scoring and evaluation of various bid components?

Response: The bidding and bidder selection process is guided by the Liberian Government Public Procurement & Concession Act (PPCA). This can be downloaded from the PPCC website